Multi-year flexible funding is extremely valued.

Core funding, i.e., non-earmarked, general operating support, can be difficult to secure from foundations, but the flexibility it gives to organizations working in complex and changing circumstances is essential to their success.

“They care about sustainability – explore and strengthen your funding structure, don’t be as dependent on grants.”

Grantees receiving core funding expressed that they felt it represented GCE committing to investing in their organizations, helping them expand beyond their current spheres of influence, building and strengthening organizational capacity, and becoming lasting, sustainable contributors to the field.

We heard many examples of organizations scrambling to meet the additional requirements of other funders for detailed project-based proposals while trying to “keep the lights on” in their day-to-day operations.

However, participants who received core funding reflected on the value of such holistic support in helping strengthen organizational health. This stood out in the non-profit sector as a highly valuable contribution that is much appreciated.


“They gave us the flexibility to succeed.”

“They take a deep interest in organizational health.”

“They don’t pay attention to the program, but to the organization.”

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